Oct 22, 4 hours and got nice Mahi Mahi and smal YFT

Oct 21, bottom fishing and got Poulet (3 different types), Brim, Shark, YFT, Skip Jack Tuna

Oct 19, 8 hour charter and got Mahi Mahi and some small YFT

May 12, had 80kg Blue Marlin on, broke hook at the boat

May 10, Family day out and Mum and Dad caught YFT and Skip Jack Tuna

May 9, Boys day out and 3 YFT, biggest 20kg

May 3, More poulet fishing today

May 2, Catching bait and then Poulet fishing

Apr 19, Bottom fishing and caught Poulet (one 8kg) and Gem Fish

Apr 18, Boat back in water after a break and got a Rainbow Runner

Mar 9, YFT today, 20kg, 15kg and 5kg

Mar 7, Poulet fishing today for a wake, 30kg worth landed with some Brim and shark

Mar 4, no fish today

Feb 28, Poulet fishing today and landed some nice size ones

Feb 27, Marlin bite but not hook up, did bit of bottom fishing and got some nice poulet

Feb 25, no fish today

Feb 24, 25kg YFT and then small 42kg Blue Marlin got tail wrapped. 

Feb 14, small YFT and poulet out fishing this morning

Feb 2, 3 small YFT and then a whopping 58kg YFT, saw a couple more good size and one sharked

Feb 1, Black Jack, something different, Small YFT used half for bait and caught some Poulet

Jan 30, Marlin bite but not hook up

Jan 26, three small YFT today and had Marlin swimming by the boat while we were bottom fishing

Jan 25, Rainbow runner today for a change

Jan 21, small YFT and sharks and Marlin bite today on 4 hour charter

Jan 19, no fish today on 4 hour charter

Jan 12, had a 600+ Blue Marlin on and fought for over 3 hours before it broke off at the props

Jan 9, today we got a Blue Marlin, finally they wanted to eat plus some small YFT

Jan 7, saw Marlin but no hook up, got a Shark instead

Jan 4, saw two Marlin but again no hook up, caught Barracuda

Jan 3, Wahoo to start the year

Jan 2, Marlin bite but no hook up

Jan 1, two marlin bites and third which was on for 3/4 hour before loosing it


Dec 31, had marlin bites but nothing hooked up

Dec 30, hooked up but got sharked today

Dec 19, Marlin bite but nothing else today

Dec 17, small tuna, reef fish and poulet

Dec 15, popping for GT's lost one and got a Shark

Nov 23, small YFT about 9kg

Nov 22, Marlin bite in 4 hour charter, more sharks

Nov 21, just two sharks today

Nov 18, tagged a Blue Marlin and caught a YFT

Nov 17, got James an 80kg Blue Marlin today

Nov 9&10, Fishing comp, had a Marlin bite but no catch

Oct 2, rough conditions today, had a Marlin bite 

Sept 25, Strip bait and popper at the fad caught 2 Mahi Mahi, 2 Skip Jack and Rainbow Runner

Sept 23, Rough out there today, just a few 5 small YFT and Skippy

Sept 22, boat out the water for a week for maintenance, today 8 hour charter we landed 55kg YFT on popper as well as 10kg Mahi Mahi plus some small YFT

Sept 14, small YFT, couple of good bites but didn't hook up

Sept 13, no fish today

Sept 12, rough conditions but landed some small YFT 

Sept 9, early start and got 14kg Mahi on stip bait, 30kg YFT on popper and an 80kg Blue Marlin on Popper 

Sept 7, popping to start and caught 5 small YFT, then trawled for Marlin with no success

Sept 5, went to Mataso today, landed 4 nice size Wahoo between 9-14kg each

Sept 3, no fish today

Sept 2, Just a Skip Jack Tuna today, had another big bite but lost it

August 27, 4 Wahoo bites that didn't take but tagged and released a 350-400lb Blue Marlin

August 26, no fish today

August 22, 3 barracuda to start, small YFT which we then cut to strip bait and landed small Blue Marlin on light line, almost spooled line twice but managed to tag and release

August 21, nice 15kg Wahoo, Marlin took 600m line but then jumped off

August 20, back from holidays, had a Marlin bite but didn't take

August 1, no fish today

July 31, took family for poulet fish one electric reels, one weighed 4kg

July 30, got a nice size Wahoo, 12.5kg weighed after Shark took the tail end

July 29, jumped off 500lb Marlin when we put the gear out, nothing else today
July 28, no fish today

July 24, took an 89 year mother of a friend out and we got a 4kg Poulet

July 23, third and last date in VMC, had a Marlin bite but not hook up

July 22, second day in VMC, no fish today

July 20, no fish today in first day fishing in Vanuatu Marlin Classic 

July 19, out to Nguna and got a 12kg Wahoo, had others on including sailfish that was lost

July 18, steamed out to a FAD to find it had gone, went to another and got small YFT

July 17, had a Sailfish on but lost it, bit rough conditions today

July 16, late afternoon fish due to flight issues for anglers, two small YFT

July 14, small YFT and big fish on that got hooked around a rope at FAD

July 12, 7 small YFT today, lots of fun

July 10, Ethan , Junior angler landed nice 17kg Wahoo today and had a Marlin bite

July 9, landed a Sailfish today, nice one

July 8, just barracuda today, had something else on but lost it, maybe Wahoo

July 7, rescue today of another catamaran that came off anchor

July 4, no fish today

July 3, morning charter 2 nice YFT, no fish in afternoon charter

July 2, no fish today on 4 hour charter

July 1,  6 small YFT and shark around 5kg

June 30, 6 hours and landed nice sized Mahi Mahi on strip baits

June 29, 8 hours and got 4 small YFT, 3 nice Mahi Mahi and broke two others off

June 24, bit rough today, had Marlin come to play 3 times but not hook up

June 22, electric reels today and got 8kg Poulet along with some smaller ones, shark and Gem fish

June 21, no fish today

June 19, small Mahi Mahi and 5 small YFT

June 18, afternoon charter shark, 4 small YFT 

June 18, morning charter one from two Blue Marlin and 4 small YFT

June 17, one marlin bite

June 16, 17kg Wahoo and 4 small YFT

June 15, 12kg Mahi Mahi and 4 small YFT

June 13, Tagged another Blue today along with 6 small YFT on 8 hour charter

June 12, no bites morning on 4 hour charter

June 11, tagged a Blue Marlin this morning, two sharks and 4 small YFT 8 hour charter

June 10, 12kg Mahi Mahi and small YFT on four hour charter

June 5, lost a few today, only landed 5kg YFT

May 29, 10kg Coral Trout, small YFT and Skippy jigging today

May 28, no fish today on 4 hour charter that we stayed out for 5 hrs

May 27, 1 Wahoo, small YFT, lost 15kg Mahi Mahi and had a massive Blue on for a while, biggest in a while

May 26, big day today, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, 9 YFT around 10kg, 3 marlin bites that didn't hook up

May 23, today we were Coastguard, arranging a battery charger to one boat at Nguna and then towing another boat back 8 miles that had run out of fuel

May 21, boys wanted to jig for GTs today, unfortunately only got an 80kg shark

May 18, Two Mahi Mahi, small Shark, Small YFT, 9kg Skippy fun day

May 17, another tag on a Blue Marlin for our junior angler Campbell this morning

May 16, tagged a Blue Marlin today and got some small YFT and Skip Jack, lost couple Mahi Mahi

May 15, Jigging today, lost a few and only landed a Coral Trout

May 14, Wahoo and poulet today, saw Marlin just didn't want to bite

May 13, no fish today in 4 hour charter

May 7, just a 5kg YFT tuna today

May 6, boats had its service and back in the water, today tagged Blue Marlin and got small YFT in four hour charter

April 27, Out with electric reels and caught with our neighbours 3 nice size poulet for dinner

April 26, Keeghan tagged his first blue marlin and got small YFT for dinner

April 25, just a small YFT in today's 4 hour charter

April 24, Martin solo angler today hooking up nice 14kg Mahi Mahi

April 23, double hook up on nice size Mahi Mahi and 30kg YFT for Max and Kate

April 22, tough day, only got a few small YFT and a barracuda which didn't come on the boat

April 18, unfortunately out angler Jared today became unwell and we had to drop him off by boat to Port Vila to get medical assistance.  On the way back Mitch and deckie Nick got double hook up of YFT, approx 50kg and 45kg each

April 17, went out again in the afternoon when wind dropped and got a few nice size Poulet to smoke

April 17, early start but rough again.  Small YFT and salvaged a neighbours kayak, flying fish also decided to come for a ride for awhile

April 15, quick trip to get dinner and got 6kg Poulet on electric reels for dinner

April 14, bit wet but went out and using electric reels got some small Poulet along with small YFT

April 12, nothing today, had a nice Mahi Mahi hit

April 6, group spearfishing today, got some Doggies and Coral Trout, bit tough with wind

April 5, earlier start this morning and got a nice 25kg YFT plus 3 between 6-8kg, jumped off a Marlin and got a barracuda

April 3,  4 small Yellow Fin Tuna today, biggest 6kg

April 2,  3 small Yellow Fin Tuna this morning

March 31,  5kg Yellow Fin Tuna

February 7, just Skip Jack Tuna today

February 4, 49kg YFT

February 1, bottom fishing on electric reels and 20kg of Poulet, Brim and Gem fish

January 21, Shark and Skip Jack Tuna for today

January 17, Bottom Fishing for a bit and got nice 6kg Poulet

January 16, saw Marlin jumping but no fish today

January 15, no fish today

January 14, 5kg Poulet, Sharks got YFT before they got to the boat

January 12, 16kg YFT

January 10, No fish today

January 9, 3 YFT today total about 50kg

January 8, Had Blue Marlin on but lost it

January 7, 5kg YFT, broke off a Blue Marlin on a popper

January 6, Tagged and released first Blue Marlin of the year, had two more bites

January 3, Shark and couple of bites, wind blowing and bit of a swell edge of cyclone Mona

January 2, no fish today

January 1, 8kg Mahi Mahi and 42 kg YFT to start the new year


December 29, 15kg YFT and two other strikes

December 28, 5kg Dog Tooth Tuna and lost two YFT to sharks

December 27, Marlin bite but no hook up, 70kg Shark

December 26, Skip Jack Tuna and small YFT

December 24, 2 YFT and Wahoo

December 23, Few Skip Jacks for the kids to catch and a Shark

December 22, 2 YFT around 15kg and one small one

December 21, One Marlin bite but no hook up

December 16, YFT around 16kg

December 15, no fish today but had dugongs in front of the house guests got to enjoy

December 14, after boat servicing boat is back in water and today we got a Sailfish on a popper

December 3, two small YTF and three sick teenagers

December 1, two nice YTF, biggest 50kg

November 28, see 3 Marlin, no hook up 

November 27, Two YFT, one more lost to sharks, two Marlin bites

November 26, Three YFT

November 25, Electric reels today and 4 nice Poulet (snapper)

November 20, no fish today

November 19, Jumped off two Marlin and had another bite that didn't hook up

November 18, Sharked today, got a 20kg YFT and Mahi Mahi both taken

November 17, no fish today

November 15, tagged a Blue Marlin

November 5, nice Mahi Mahi

November 4, tagged Blue Marlin

November 2, no fish today

October 30, nice Dog Tooth Tuna and tagged a 250lb blue marlin with another bite

October 29, some YFT and then electric reels to catch 5 nice poulet

October 28, lots of fish around but only some small YFT

October 27, 15kg Mahi Mahi

October 26, no fish today, few bites.

October 22, three Marlin bites and 3 small YFT

October 21, two Marlin bites

October 20, no fish today with spearfishing group

October 19, spearfishing at Mataso, 8 nice dog tooth tuna

October 18, Steven tagged 400lb Blue Marlin for his 50th

October 16, Simon released a Blue Marlin and missed one

October 12, two nice Mahi Mahi

October 10, two Yellow Fin tuna and 2 15kg Mahi Mahi

October 6, no fish today

October 2, After boat being out of the water for maintenance and baOcd weather today Justin caught a 12kg Mahi Mahi.

September 25, 4 hours had Marlin strikes but no bites

September 24, Day 3 of the VMC and Blue marlin tag for Chris, Kyle and Hamish

September 23, Day 2 of the VMC and had 4 strikes but no proper hook up

September 22, Day 1 of the Vanuatu Marlin Classic, first hook up on 40 mins and lost hook, second marlin ended up tail wrapped so given to local village for celebrations

September 20, Matt had Marlin bite and landed small YFT

September 19, quick fish and caught 16kg Wahoo today, bit too much for our young angler so Luke had to over

September 18, sea a bit rougher today but got a 10kg Wahoo

September 16, calm day so off to Mataso Island, 4 Wahoo between 10kg and 25kg, Sailfish bite, Shark, Dog Tooth bites, good day

September 15, 10kg Wahoo with other bites fishing off Nguna island

September 14, popping and jigging today, few good bites but nothing

September 13, on the hunt for dog tooth tuna with no success

September 12, hunt for dog tooth in the morning with no success, afternoon charter 14kg YFT with Marlin bite

September 11, Tagged Blue Marlin, lost another on popper and lost two Mahi Mahi

September 10, 1 strike today but otherwise quiet
September 6, and 7, both days bit rough and no fish

September 5, YFT approx. 10kg

September 3, Daniel tagged his second Blue Marlin with us, had another jump off and broke one off a popper

September 1, 2 x Mahi Mahi and tagged 400+ pound Blue Marlin on stand up, nice one Daniel

August 27, 10kg Wahoo today

August 22, Yellow Fin and Mahi Mahi on 6 hour charter

August 21,  Popper fishing caught YFT, saw Sailfish jumping

August 20, Rough weather today so had to stay inshore, a shark only today

August 19, Morning charter caught a YFT, afternoon charter double hook up 15kg Mahi Mahi on strip baits along with a YFT

August 18, No Marlin today but landed a YFT

August 17, Tagged an 80kg Blue Marlin, caught nice size Mahi Mahi and lost one

August 16, Tagged a blue Marlin, 3 YFT for Grahame lost one to a shark

August 15, Popping and Jigging today, landed YFT, head of a Doggie and a Shark

August 14, Couple of Mahi Mahi and a Yellow Fin Tuna

August 13, Tagged Blue Marlin and landed 3 small YFT

August 10,  3 Mahi Mahi, jumped off small Black Marlin and lost Wahoo for anglers from The Moso

August, 9, 4 Mahi Mahi and 1 Wahoo today for Brad

August 8, 6 x YFT all around 10kg size, lot of fun on poppers

August 6, 14kg Wahoo and three YFT around 15kg size

July 31, Two 10kg Yellow Fin Tuna, Mahi Mahi and a Shark

July 27, Tagged a blue, lost 3 others, got a Wahoo and YFT, nice work. 

July 26, two Blue Marlin today for Justin

July 23, Gerard as sole angler was busy, 13 YFT, 2 Mahi Mahi and a Wahoo, no time for lunch

July 18, bit rough today but 2 x 12kg YFT and 12kg Wahoo, another big strike but lost it

July 17, 25kg YFT and Blue Marlin today on 4 hour charter

July 16, 8kg YFT on popper

July 15, 10kg YFT on popper

July 14, 50kg YFT on a popper after 1 1/2 hour fight plus 10kg YFT

July 12, 2 x 10kg YFT on four hour charter on poppers

July 11, 1 x 30kg YFT and 2 x 10kg plus could of small ones on 4 hour charter.

July 10, Unfortunately sick anglers today but still got 3 small YFT

July 9,  More YFT today, four fish between 25 and 30kg

July 8, Family of 4 all caught a YFT between 8 and 16kg

July 7, Family out spearfishing today, got a coral trout

July 6, rough seas today and we had Roger on board at 82 years of age, trying to keep in some calmer seas, got a Barricuda and lost a nice size Dog Tooth Tuna

July 5, 25kg YFT and Blue Marlin on a popper, good fun

July 4, morning charter 30 and 40kg YFT and missed two Blue Marlin, afternoon 35kg YFT along with some small ones

July 3, 12kg Wahoo and missed Marlin

July 2, boys wanted to pop and jig for GT and doggies in the 4 hours, no luck today

June 28, Tagged Blue Marlin and missed two others.  Bit rough out today

June 26, YFT today, one 40kg and one 15kg

June 25, 2 x 12kg YFT, 10kg Wahoo, Tagged a Marlin, broke one off and saw another Marlin, great day

June 23 & 24, Fishing with two 13 year old boys, friends of ours and they landed 4 YFT between 6-15kg

June 19, Missed two Sailfish today in 4 hour charter

June 9, Lots of small YFT, had a big fish on but lost it

June 8, Small YFT nice Sushimi and 2 Wahoo

June 7,  Wet day but landed nice Wahoo

June 6,  Sharks and Barracuda for cruise boat passengers today

June 5, 4 hour shared charter saw Martin and Mitchell with a 30kg YFT and double hook up of Sailfish, both tagged

June 4, 4 hour charter for German Doctors and got a Shark, saw Blue Marlin and small YFT

May 30, Matt on his birthday tagged a Sailfish, Blue Marlin, Shark and landed couple YFT

May 16, Blue Marlin on for a 20min fight before it broke off.

May 15, Only small Yellow Fin Tuna today

May 14, John, John and Dave first of 3 days and caught a 50kg Sailfish

May 13, Bob and family had 7 hits but no catches, got to see Marlin jumping.

May 12, Simon and Dave were kept busy with Dog Tooth Tuna, Small Yellow Fin, Wahoo and Shark

May 11, Peter out for day 2 and caught a 10kg Mahi Mahi and 9kg Skip Jack Tuna

May 9, First day out in a month and Peter caught a 18kg Wahoo and 10kg Mahi Mahi in rough to moderate seas

April 13, Sea was a bit rough but managed to land a 10kg Wahoo for Steve

April 11, No fish today

March 30, Small Yellow Fin Tuna for Good Friday

March 29, Took local lads for a fish for Skip Jack Tuna and Yellow Fin for Easter

March 22, No fish today

March 21, Electric reels were the go today and picked up around 30 Poulet (Snaper), few different varieties

March 19, No fish today

March 6, Tagged 300lb Blue Marlin

March 5, Skip Jack Tuna as bait, then YFT following by 70kg Black Marlin 

March 3, 16kg Wahoo and small YFT for Dean on his 50th

February 21, two big marlin bites and 45kg YFT for Keegan

February 20, no fishing for a few weeks but today in short charter Mike got a 12kg Wahoo

February 4, small YFT and had a marlin bite but didn't want to stay and play

January 31, Skip jack live bait to a shark and then two Wahoo, one of which was 25kg

January 27, 28 and 29 had a group over, we had bites but no hook ups

January 21, Geoff tagged his first Blue Marlin

January 18, Dex landed a 40kg YFT and we lost a Blue Marlin 40 m from the Boat

January 10, cruise boat passengers with no luck today

January 12, Lance out for his final day and he finally manages to tag a Blue Marlin, nice one.

January 8 and 10 had Lance out.  First day lost fish on a popper, second time had Marlin bite, Mahi Mahi bite and landed a small yellow fin tuna.

January 5 - Lachlan and his 9 year old son had fun on electric reels catching Poulet

January 4 - Greg and Rosco off the cruise boat enjoyed some beers but unfortunately no fish took a bite

January 3 - Richard out for 6 hours first and we caught a 16 kg yellow fin first up, second charter of 4 hours to follow and didn't get a bite for two girls visiting from Japan.

January 2, 1st fish of the year and it's 17kg Yellow Fin Tuna caught by young Eathan


December - normally a time for big Yellow Fin Tuna, the fishing has been hard. 

December 31st the sharks had a feed on the YFT.

December 23rd we got a 22kg YFT and 30kg on Thursday 21st.   

December 20th was a smaller 12 kg Yellow Fin. 

December 19th we tagged a Sailfish.

December 4th Chris tagged his first Blue Marlin.

December 3rd sharks got one and we got one YFT

November saw me travelling again so limited fishing time. 

November 10th George had fun with a 60kg Blue Marlin on a 24kg popper.

October has been a quieter month with being off the Island for a large part.  Sunday 15th saw nice Blue Marlin caught by novice fisherman, had a few more marlin strikes on the days out along with small Yellow Fin Tuna.  Wind has been strong this month as normal in October.

September has seen more Mahi Mahi and Yellow Fin, the occasional Shark and Barracuda

September 3 - Double hook up on YFT and landed them both, nice one Brock and Luke

August 27-31st  This week has seen plenty or Mahi Mahi and Yellow Fin Tuna, nice sizes

August 20th 150kg Blue Marlin, caught in the gills so pulled up dead and given to the local Chief

August 19th Hard a Marlin on and lost it, couple of Mahi Mahi, Skip Jack

August 15th  3 Mahi Mahi

August 14th  Mahi Mahi and Wahoo

August 13th Mahi Mahi and Shark today

August 12th  Rainbow Runner and Mahi Mahi 

July - 25th  Brad caught a 40kg Yellow Fin Tuna and Spearfish

July - 23rd  Hugh caught 2 Mahi Mahi, a Wahoo and jumped off a Stripped Marlin.

July - 21st Chris, Lynn and boys fished and dad managed to catch Mahi Mahi for dinner

July - 20th Colin, Barry and Raoul got 5 Mahi Mahi in their 4 hour charter today

July - 19th  Barry for his first Blue Marlin and Raoul a 15kg Mahi Mahi followed by whale watching

July - 13th Hadn't been home for less than 24 hours after a 25 day break and we tagged and released a 400 lb Blue Marlin.  Well done to Tony and to top the day off 25kg Sashimi and Wahoo for main course.

June - 11th  First Mahi Mahi for awhile, just a small one at 6kg

June - 12th  Nice 15kg Wahoo today for David.

June - 6th - Small 8kg Yellow Fin Tuna today for Havannah Resort guests.

June - 1st to 3rd fishing Vanuatu Marlin Classic - 5 Blue Marlin Tagged over 3 days to give the team on Escapade 1st Place.

May - 29th  Wahoo on the bite today with nice 12 kg

May - 27th Tim had another day out in there second 4 hour charter, tagged a nice sailfish and caught a nice 16 kg wahoo. We had a double hook up on sailfish but Johns fell off.

May - 25th  John and Tim had a double hook up on 22kg YFT but Sams 15kg wahoo and the cute small YFT won the day

May - 16th  Pulled in some Dog Tooth Tuna but the sharks wanted to have first feed.

May - 15th  Nice 15kg Dog Tooth Tuna today

May - 14th  Nice work Grant on nice size Wahoo, tough morning but got lunch and dinner for the crew.

May - 11th  First day out since TC Donna and a tough 6 hours, lost a sailfish on a livie but got this 12 kg wahoo. Well done Danial. May have lost 2 FAD's from the blow

April - 30th A tough week fishing that finally came good yesterday catching 70kg of YFT. New popping rods from Saltwater Fishing helped

April - 20th.  Great 4 hour fish, a 16 and 14 kg Wahoo and a 14 and 26kg Yellow Fin Tuna, plus some small Yellow Fin's. 

April - 16th YFT coming on the bite at low tide so went out with Aaron Strid to get a few for Samuel and Liam, got a few around 5kg and then finished with a nice double hookup on poppers. Bit big for the boys so the big boys had a turn. 18 and 25kg gutted. Nice Easter Sunday arvo

April - 15th, Poppers at the FAD's are going off with YFT well done Martin on Saturday, guest staying at Breakas Resort. 

April - 14th.  Plenty of popper action with 10 small Yellow Fin's caught, fish for supper on Good Friday.

March - 31st.  Nothing like a double hook up on 25kg YFT on poppers. Well done Richard and Mel on there 10th wedding anniversary. Great choice of things to on this special day.